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Welcome to Shroomtalk Myco-community!

Shroomtalk is an online forum (used to be a magazine also) dedicated to the world of mushrooms and mycology. We have a large base of members who communicate and share information, ideas, artwork, news, and opinions about the world of mushrooms.

Shroomtalk Magazine Issue#2

Shroomtalk magazine was created back in 2004 and produced 4 issues. It was taken off the press before issue #5 was printed around 2008 and only the limited number of printed copies exist.

So we decided to share the old issues in an online format that simulates the effect of page turning and the feel of a real magazine. We hope you enjoy this little blast from the past as it can give a glimpse of what Shroomtalk used to be like.
Be sure to update your computer with the latest version of FLASH as it will be necessary.

Shroomtalk Magazine Issue#2 Get Flash

So if you want to learn about mushrooms and share your knowledge, as well as meet friendly people and have access to excellent mushroom cultivation products you should become a Shroomtalk Forums member today.



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